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Laurent Martray


My vineyards are located on the Combiaty hillside, facing the East and the South-east, where I produce my « Vieilles Vignes » and « Corentin » cuvées. I have recently started growing a parcel located on the famous Mont Brouilly, also situated in Odenas, where I produce my « Les Feuillées » cuvée, in the Côte de Brouilly appellation.


Côte de Brouilly

This is located on Mont Brouilly, dominating the village of Odenas. The wine is made from very old vines planted in 1916 on just over one hectare. The soil consists of “porphyritic” and “diorite” rocks with blue volcanic stone. The grape varieties planted are also 100% Gamay. This vineyard cannot be worked mechanically as the terrain is steep and very stony.


The vineyards are located in the Beaujolais area, 9 hectares grown in St Etienne la Varenne and 9 hectares in Odenas. The soil consists of granitic rocks, sand and silt on the surface. The grape varieties planted are 100% Gamay with a high density of plantation. élevée.


The work in the vineyard is carried out entirely by hand. Low levels of mechanization. Production is controlled by pruning and thinning if needed. The harvest is entirely picked by hand. Vatting period from 8 to 10 days and ageing in oak barrels or casks. Bottling is carried out without any filtering. .